Is the earth flat?

As long as I have entered into many controversies with those who thought that the earth was flat and it was not nearly spherical. And whatever we bring them from live videos, photos, this does not convince them and changes their simple views.

They always come out to us with vehement arguments, which is that all the pictures of the earth are in particular the lens of the fish’s eye !! What a disaster!

Someone brought a video to convince us that the earth is flat, and when we put a straight line from the right screen to the left, it appeared to us that the earth a bowing down! 

Which it destroys his theory and the evidence that he brought!

How impressed to those who cling to their claims that earth is flat!

The land is flat for us as human beings and because of our small size to the size of the large land.

But in general and from an external scene, the earth is almost spherical.

who have seen the lunar eclipse, he will saw the shadow of the earth on the moon, its clear bow!

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