Moon orbit

On the moonlit nights, I watch this beautiful moon. I try to know some of its secrets. I know that the moon is heading eastward. Some may see it go westward because of the rapid rotation of the Earth compared to the motion of the moon.

The moon needs almost 29 days to complete its cycle and starts a new moon.

During these days of the lunar month, the shape of the moon changes from a new moon to a crescent, then to the first quarter, then to the waxing Gibbous moon, then to the full moon, then to the waning Gibbous moon, then the second quarter, then to crescent, then to the  new moon again.

The moon travels 3,683 kilometers per hour.

If we want to know the distance of the orbit that the moon is going through during the month, then we have to know this relationship

Speed =  Distance

Distance = Speed X Time

Time = Distance

And through the calculations estimated it will be as follows

3683 km x 24 hours x 29 days = 2563368 kilometers,

which is about the full distance traveled by the moon in a month.

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