Public libraries

These libraries, which we resorted to in our study, including various sciences and knowledge

With the age of technology and the knowledge which it is between people’s hands, libraries have a special flair, and the atmosphere cannot be abandoned in favor of technology.

Heritage, which we should preserve, but we seek to expand across the country width and its length, and especially in developing countries.

The presence and promotion of libraries will create a generation of readers who are aware of the challenges they face and strive to overcome them easily.

For more attractive libraries, building designers should design libraries in a convenient and attractive way that makes some of them spend their time reading books and developing intellectual and cognitive abilities for each one of us with a place we feel in a comfort.

The availability of some services attachments within the library is a creative thing that makes it easy for everyone to spend the longest possible time of reading books when the services that help the reader to stay longer than possible if it available.

Encouraging the reading of the duty of governments these days, calling for innovation and creativity is the title of all peoples.

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