Reduce taxes

If we want to do business in a country, we need to create a real business environment that contributes to the growth of economic activity. Including combating corruption, legislating economic stimulus laws, and reducing taxes.

The reduction of taxes and some tax exemptions help the economic sector (industrial and commercial) in growth and economic activity, so as to alleviate the tax burden on economic activities, and contribute to increase the profitability of companies, which is reflected well on people by creating jobs and employment of the unemployed because of a good financial surplus Helps to expand and create jobs.

The tax works to withdraw the liquidity from the market and reduce the chances of profit and cause economic downturns, which means the elimination of labor and increase unemployment and decrease the gross output of the state.

And thus cause many economic and social problems and the cost of security and judicial will be high-priced.

The owners of the tax school, they have to step aside because their ideas cause deflation and poor output at all levels in the country.

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