The importance of management

Management is the title of progress and prosperity; successful management which is distinguishes developed societies from backward societies.

Good plans may fail because of mismanagement or failed management.

Good management is one of the most important means that countries can use for prosperity and progress.

Good management determines the level of education, security, and welfare.

What is management?

The process of directing, planning, organizing, coordinating, controlling, and making decisions using the energy of financial, human, informational and material resources to achieve objectives, efficiency, and accuracy.

Who is the efficient manager?

Is how to achieve the best outputs and results compared to other managers.

The effective manager is the one who chooses realistic goals and needs.

The manager is an individual in his organization or a company, that is responsible for all employees for the purpose of achieving all the objectives set through his directives, organization, supervision, and coordination with the appropriate decision in a timely manner within his available resources.

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