the scientific experiments

We all hear about scientific experiences and how important they are for the development of science and the answers to questions that are in our minds.

Many of us sanctify these experiences because they develop science and also give us the best results for life.

What worries me today is scientific experiments specialized in medicine, since medicine is one of the most important sciences for mankind.

Whenever we have new scientific experiments that treat diseases with the lowest costs and the least side effects, and positive results, the more people accept it.

what made me sad today, some scientific experiments have become linked to the global marketing system, that is, the scientific results serve the process of marketing goods and moving the market! 

Buy this product, or do not buy this product, use this herb or do not use this herb! And so on.

The most puzzling thing is that some foods in a team of researchers are a cause of fatal diseases, and the same food in another team has nothing to do with the disease! We are in wonders! who we must believe? Which teams are right?

Paradoxical studies between the same food article! Which has become the process of ratification of scientific research on medicine and food is difficult 

we need to be many studies fair to be sure of the results of this research.

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