the weather has changed

We have noticed this winter that the signs began to occur, as the Arab region is witnessing a flood of rain reached the limit of floods and sinking cars and homes because of the amount of unexpected rain.

The streets were closed, sewage networks were flooded out and they were unable to discharge rainwater.

Some property was damaged and some lives were lost due to the amount of rain.

Winter has not yet begun, and we have suffered these losses in terms of property and lives. This is very regrettable.

The rain fell on Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan in very large quantities, and clips on Twitter show the size of this huge and unusual rainfall in previous years.

It is now imperative for governments to adopt a new strategy in dealing with these natural disasters, on the one hand, to be prepared in all respects.

The drainage networks must now be re-examined so that they can be updated to accommodate large amounts of rain.

As well as the construction of water reservoirs for the conservation of this water and to benefit from them in irrigation and agriculture.

Avoid the country from closing the streets and drowning homes and cars.

There must be studies and hard work that must begin to improve services and avoid losses as much as possible.

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