Measure with the same tool

The question that puzzled me, I stand in front of those who are trying to go through the success using the same tool that caused their failure!

hold on! and take a deep breath and try to rethink, you have used a way to create a chance of success and has caused failure, you must to change this tool and change the way and try again until you stand up on your feet.

I’m not here to reduce your resolve or to pour more frustration over you?!, I tell you to Change the tool until it starts to achieve the desired success.

In the beginning, make a plan, and define the strategy required to implement this plan, and what tools will be used to implement the plan and what strategy you wish to reach.

Success is a hard way and needs a sequential work and you have to record for notes for each and every step you do.

some adjustments on some of the obstacles that you face on must give you more determines to access the gates of success and begin drawing your future.

No matter how complicated things are and the doors have been closed on your face, you should always try again and again, but not the same tool, you have to change the tools this time.

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