note for companies

Any of us have been looking for a company via Google, so asking about a product or maybe has some questions, it’s nice that many sites have an email or an internal messaging model.
The use of the e-mail has a positive and is to send some files somewhat large and write clear details on the subject to be delivered to the company.
On the other hand, there are some disadvantages in this messaging system, which is the slow response to the question, and perhaps not answer totally.

These are negative things committed by companies.
Where the system of communication with the customer must be better and faster.

Another advantage that companies should use is the feature of putting WhatsApp number and that of rapid communication.

Many companies do not put WhatsApp numbers to communicate with customers. sometimes do not notice there is no email to contact?!

The orientation now that has to happen with companies is that they have to put a dedicated employee to answer questions via Whatsapp and be a focal point between the client and the administration, particularly for large companies. And also for medium companies.
Fast communication means faster solutions and better achievements.

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